Fiber optics ! How it works ?


In the framework of  INFRASTAR project , I feel lucky to work on a new technology that made its way in our life as fast as speed of light !

Well, it's not a coincidence because the hole idea of fiber optics is based on the propagation of light ! But how does it work ? It is absolutely the first question to ask !!

Well, let me explain !! 😏

Remember your first phone when you were a kid ? Unless you are an iGen kid, your first phone has to be a two tin cans tied with a string ! And it worked pretty good !

Now imagine a high-tech version of that using pipe instead of a string. Shining a flashlight down that pipe could be seen at the other end, despite curves and twists. Turning the light on and off would allow you to communicate via Morse code.

Essentially, this is how fiber optic cables work but they can carry milllions of conversations and billions of bits of information per second !

Optical fiber is made by drawing glass or plastic to a desired length and diameter, sl…

Yeah it's me...ESR2 !!

Hello everyone !
Finally, ESR's blog is launched and the time has come to spread the word about INFRASTAR project and more particularly my INTERESTING PhD project 👌👌
Since it is my first message in this blog, I think it is important to present myself, my background and give a short summary on the things I've done during my first six months of work !!
So my name is Antoine Bassil. It looks like a French name but I'm not French, I'm a 23 years old Lebanese guy, born in a small but beautiful village called CHADRA in the north of Lebanon. Fascinated by the big reconstruction projects being held in Beirut after many years of civil war, I moved at 18 years old to the Lebanese capital after reaching my first big goal by being accepted in one of the best engineering universities, the Lebanese University (LU).
Knowing that setting goals helps laying the groundwork for success, my next goal was to explore the world of research in civil engineering, so coming to France was the…